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Technology emerging in Application

The Information technology industry is constantly evolving. As the user’s demand is increasing which gives direct impact technology advancement in another aspect we see app development trends incline.

The list below states anticipation of new technologies will be deployed in coming years and surely can dominate the whole IT industry market.

  1. Integration of the Internet of things (IoT) in apps

This technology is newly introduced in the global market and already being inclined very well so far, but rise in mobile penetration covering all the aspects, giving a broad and endless opportunity to the internet of things.

App developers in India have a huge market, while they make around USD 15billion according to the analysis done in 2020 and the next big wave, is to be expected by the end of 2021 will over USD 50billion. The global market of the Internet of Things is expected to reach over $200 billion in 2021.

  1. 5G Technology

The rollout of 5G will be a breakthrough that will give a huge impact on 2021 app developers in India. For developers and creators, this technology will change the way development of apps, how they are used and created.

Speed and efficiency will significantly improve. In fact, 5G is expected to deliver a 10 times decrease in latency, while network quality will also boost, efficiency, and traffic capacity will increase. Compared to 4G, 5G will be significantly faster, depending on the mobile network operator. 

The penetration of 5G into applications will boost the functionality of mobile apps. This will allow app developers to introduce new features to apps without affecting the app’s performance. 

App Developers India and mobile app beta testers should also use 5G network speed during the development stages of building an application to deliver better-updated output.

  1. Beacon Technology

Beacon is a small wireless transmitter which uses low energy Bluetooth technology and sends a signal to your smart devices.

The main benefit of this technology is proximity marketing. It helps to improve the customer experience within a mobile app.

According to analysis, the beacon technology market is inclined at a compound annual growth rate of 60%. The estimated market value will reach $57 billion by 2025.

  1. Mobile Commerce

This trend has a huge dominance over this market and will continue in coming years. It looks like most are leveraging mobile apps to extend revenue. From large retailers to individual content creators and private brands, there's any money to be made during this space.

By the end of 2021, more than 73% of total sales will come from mobile devices. Apps will play a major role in the future success of mobile commerce.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence and machine learning both were integrated into mobile app development years ago. But now app developers have begun to evolve towards the new advancement of technologies.

There are some new AI applications introduced recently:

  • Image recognition
  • Face detection
  • Text and image classification
  • Sentiment recognition and classification
  • Speech recognition
  • Predictive maintenance

Artificial intelligence can make apps smarter, and efficient to improve performance at every level. AI will change the way of apps development-in 2021. 

  1. Mobile wallets

According to a recent report published, there was $7 billion worth of transactions was made through mobile wallets in 2019. This is expected to reach $13.98 billion by 2022 and because of the pandemic, people are now much more aware and preferring more cashless payments which encourage the use of mobile wallets.

Mobile wallets like apple pay, Google pay, amazon pay, etc. are the leading brands of mobile wallets.

  1. Security apps

Everyone is vulnerable to cyber-attack. From small organizations to multi-billion dollar enterprises, nobody is secure. 

Virus attacks designed to destroy mobile devices increased by 55%. More than 65% of fraud originates from mobile devices. Figures tell, 70% comes from the mobile application.

From the prospect of an app development company, you can tell that nowadays security of our personal data is a top priority. So people nowadays think twice about people sharing any sort of information with third apps. App developers have started implementing sign-in with social accounts so the user does not have to share the whole information with a third party app.

Rather than forcing app users to fill out form fields with their name, email address, and other sensitive information they can simply create an account and sign in using their Apple ID. These accounts can be protected with two-factor authentication also.

  1. Cloud computing Integration

Cloud technology is not new but not fully penetrated to a mobile application. It has a wide range of possibilities for mobile app development which is anticipated to be implemented in 2021.

Cloud storage technology can improve the performance of the experience of the mobile app of users. It widely used for external storage and can be operated at the user’s end.

By the end of 2021, 84 % of enterprise workloads will be cloud-based.


Mobile app development is constantly evolving. If you are developing an app today using out-dated data, you would not be able to stay competitive.

You do not necessarily need to implement every single advancement into every app you build. But you need to have a general understanding that what is needed and how the market is shifting so you can adapt accordingly. 

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