Healthcare software development company

Healthcare software development company

Rushkar is a leading healthcare software development company. We have complete healthcare and medical domain knowledge required to create modern and secure healthcare solutions. We offer caregivers task-driven software solutions that improve treatment and diagnostics, engage patient, enhance medical workflows, and handle everyday challenges for value-based care. We create customized healthcare solutions to assist health systems, clinics, hospitals, assisted living facility, and others to improve secure PHI, patient outcomes, and balance costs.

At Rushkar, our wide experience, familiarity of technology based trends, and deep industry knowledge help you build effective and innovative solutions for the medical and healthcare industry. Our robust and powerful solutions can help:
-> Enhance efficiency of the existing processes and systems
-> Reduce operational costs
-> Improve staff capacity to handle data
-> Optimize current administrative and billing workflows
-> Guarantee data safety and integrity

From healthcare software development through to streamlining automation procedures, our extensive range of know-how in the healthcare field lets us create powerful medical software solutions. We are continuously developing our expertise and knowledge in the medical management systems, electronic medical records, and appointment scheduling system to help you remain ahead of your competitors.

Why Choose Rushkar for Healthcare Software Development?

Our specialized team of medical software developers, deep domain expertise, and quickly growing medical client base are what makes us a perfect healthcare software development company. Some other reasons to hire us include:

-> Care for Knowledge
-> HIPAA Certified Developers
-> Patient-Centric Approach
-> Robust Client Base
-> Micro Venture Partnerships
-> Domain Expertise
-> Start-up Accelerators
-> Integration Expertise
TeleMedicine Appointment Booking Software

Benefits of Our Custom Healthcare Software

  • Optimize Workflow: Our software helps streamline your workflows right from patient admittance through to insurance settlements. This can help attain quick decision making, deliver personalized costs, and lower the costs.
  • Managing Risks: Protect confidential medical data and guarantee standard compliance from system malfunctions and malicious attack, irrespective of the integrations and devices used.
  • Boosting Growth: Automate marketing efforts to boost outreach to communities, draw new patients, and turn them into your permanent customers.
  • Simplicity of use: Apply custom healthcare solutions and intuitive tools that can address the specific needs of healthcare experts and patients.
  • Tailored approach: Our solutions are created as per caregiver’s goals and challenges. Thus, they support the excellent care that they offer to patients.

Full-Fledged Medical Software Development Service

Rushkar is a pioneering Medical software development company that is ready to help you at each step of your healthcare software development journey. We provide a solid suite of healthcare and medical technology services focused on taking the industry online while keeping the system safe, secure, and compliant.

Healthcare App Development

Incorporate the healthcare mobility power with our medical app development service.

App UX/UI Service

App Maintenance

Healthcare App Consulting

App Maintenance

EHR Integration Service

Create interoperable healthcare apps that can flawlessly integrate with main HER systems and assist enhance clinical workflow.



Redox Engine

Epic Integration

Cerner Integration

First Databank Integration

HIPAA And Other Compliance

Obey the strict healthcare standard for the patient health information confidentiality and security with our outstanding HIPAA compliant development services.

HITech and HIPPA Compliance

Security/Data Access/ Encryption

Secure Messaging

Healthcare Cloud Service

You can simplify your healthcare cloud journey with our specialist guidance, managed services, and deployment support for AWS, GCP, Microsoft Azure, and all other important cloud platforms.

Managed Cloud Services

Cloud Assessment

Compliant Cloud Operations

Cloud Migration Services

Healthcare IoT and Wearables

Now you can drive your patients results easily on a digitally linked healthcare technology foundation.

Clinical Trials

NFC IoT Solutions

Wearables App Development

IoT Medical Devices Integration

Connected Medical Wearables and Devices

Support for Google Fit, App, Samsung Health, and more

Virtual Assistance

Remote Patient Monitoring and Telehealth

Healthcare Blockchain Solutions

Our custom healthcare software development company helps you leverage the evolving blockchain technology to create more secure and smarter healthcare services and products.

Blockchain Integration Service

Healthcare App Development

Smart Contract Development

Healthcare Blockchain Consulting

Customized Healthcare Blockchain Solutions

Product Development and Implementation

Strategic Blockchain Assessment

Advisory Service and Program