Our Software/Web Development Process

1 Non-Disclosure Agreement

Confidentiality is essential for our association with the clients. It is important that the client’s confidentiality be protected at all times by those who on behalf of this firm assist the client during life cycle of the project.

Our Non-Revelation Understanding is intended to cover all safeguards and possibilities. We're as worried as you are about your information security, and henceforth we certification to hold the strictest certainty for all exclusive data you impart to us.

2 Requirements

An engaged and definite business requirements analysis can help you avoid problems in understanding the requirements of the clients. This is the path toward discovering, dissecting, characterizing, and reporting the prerequisites that are identified with customer's particular business objective.

It is the process by which the scope of the project will be clearly and precisely define which can assess the timescales and resources needed to complete it. It additionally gives confirmation of the functional use of that learning and comprehension.

3 Proposal

After gathering and understanding the requirements of the clients, the proposal in proper understandable format is prepared and provided to the clients. Our proposition will rely on upon a precise examination of customer's necessities. The goal of the proposition is to persuade the customer about timetable for the work, possible administration arrange, specialized approach, and aggregate spending plan of the venture. The key components of the proposition will be: The Proposal document is sent to the customer for survey and endorsement before continuing further

  • Description of the entire project scope, goals of the software, as well as outlines of the functionality, constraints on the basis of requirement specifications.
  • Preliminary Estimate covers the project size, work effort, and development costs
  • A rough timeline for the project implementation

4 Development

The development phase will be started after getting perfect and complete project requirements specification. During this phase each sub-system, sub-element or module can be reviewed by the client for verification against their business requirements, ensuring the end product will meet the original objectives. This will find an issue or blemish assuming any, at early phase of the improvement before the application advances into an entire item, subsequently bringing down the expenses of amendments.

Finally, the whole system is used for system testing and it passes functional testing, performance testing, and stress testing to ensure all requirements are met.

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