IT Staff Augmentation Services

Give your business wings when you Grow your IT staff with Rushkar.

We are here to help you expand your business with our excellent services.

Rushkar can meet your every business need and support. With developers that love a challenge, our team is ready to go. There is so much that we have to offer too!

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You are giving your projects the bump they need with the latest technologies.

Hire Dedicated Developers and give your project the boost that it needs. This sentence is simple, right? But getting to the answer is tricky. Everyone is looking for the next thing to come up and help them get their job done quickly, but there are no such happy coincidences in business. You have to slog it out with a project until you reach the threshold of success. But for what it is worth, we are here to make the job easier. We will give your business the much-needed boost in operations and management. Our teams of dedicated developers make it a point to demolish the challenges that they come up against.

What we do to make your business a raging success.

We are not just a Software Development Company, and we are also a company that provides you with the unique requirements of your job.

We provide staff augmentation services to the companies that require it. We help you in expanding your business and meet your needs. Many firms prioritize only their business and realize the need for dedicated IT support too late into the job. We come to the aid of such companies by availing them of the technical expertise they need.

We provide you with the IT support that you need. It can be anything that is based on your individual need. Further down, we share a list of activities that categorize your needs. Once that is done, we start working on your job and provide you with the edge you need.

IT staff augmentation to Fastlane your business

It has become the need of the hour to hire more and more specialized people to get an IT project done. This demand has risen because of the want for specialization and customization.

Our IT staff augmentation and our staff augmentation pricing model are unique to our brand. Although this is just one of the many services that we provide, we have managed to achieve excellence and speculation in it. Our expertise comes from handling increasingly complex jobs that require innovation and dedication.

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Hiring App Developers India
  • Daily Communication / Track Progress
  • 3-8 Yrs Experienced App Developers
  • Free Dedicate Project Manager
  • Agile/Kanban Friendly Developers
  • Weekly App Release
  • Flexibility with Time Zones
  • We take care from Development to Final Release

Our Other Services

Why choose Rushkar for your development needs?

Top talents

We incorporate every available expert into the job. Our focus is on delivering the top team to you. The software we design and the product we make for you are custom-tailored to be of the top-level spec in its field. You will not find anything similar in the area. The technology that has been uniquely crafted for it is end-to-end secure and is designed by our top developers. Moreover, we hire only the best, so there is no question about the bespoke quality of the end product.

Rigorous recruitment

You never know when an opportunity will present itself neither do we! So, we keep the process of recruitment continuously active. We aim to get the best talent on board and to create the best team for you. Our team of experts is constantly on the move and scouts for new talent.
This approach has not only kept us up-to-date but also managed to keep us dynamic in our system. We have never lagged behind in technology and don't plan on starting now. The genuine trust that we offer is based on the back of solid groundwork.


When building our team, we don't just look for exceptional scores. We also look for an excellent attitude and a unique approach. We look for specialization in the people who approach us to be a part of our team. We invite them to be part of our in-house team after we are sure of their talent and aptitude.
Our selection drives are designed to spot the brilliant mind. All our applicants go through a series of tests designed especially for the particular role they are planning to fill. We also have high-quality standards, so if they cut, we know we have the right people.


When we become a part of your team and come over to collaborate, we ensure that effective oversight is maintained. We do not take liberties and report to your supervisors to support the proper communication channel. We do everything from our side to ensure that the democracy of your organization is not disturbed.
We also participate in all your daily activities and ensure that our members gel up with your team and that there is no friction between the two.

Priority approach

We have had many customer complaints that the firm they worked with had no dedicated support for their projects and that their developers had no priority over their work. In our work mode, we have managed to eliminate that. Our developers and engineers are not allotted multiple projects all at once. The team that works with you will only focus on the job that they have on hand.
We create specialized teams that function only with the interest of your project in mind. They have no other obligations. This approach has earned us massive praise from all the companies we have worked with.

Assessing your needs to give you the best you deserve

We choose one of the following models based on your needs.

Expanding your team

Integration of outside talent is incorporated. We keep the processing time to a bare minimum to help you finish your projects as soon as possible. The focus is on increasing your team's capacity to handle projects. The better it is, the more efficient your team is, the more efficient you become, and the less time you take to complete your projects. With our software development staff augmentation model, your projects will witness much smaller development periods.


If you are falling behind on your schedule and realize that you might not get it done, we are here for you. In this model, we take over your project, and our project manager and their team finish the job for you. There is complete outsourcing of the project under this option. Your profits might be compromised, but you still get to keep your reputation up. We help you meet client deadlines and gather up all your backlog.

Management needs

We keep our involvement to a bare minimum in IT management. This option is best suited for companies that have no in-house IT support for their business. We become your IT support. Our involvement is restricted strictly to only IT-related activities, giving you complete freedom to focus on your business and growth. We provide the best IT staff augmentation services in India. Our business model has been designed around your needs.

Account management

We play the role of a partner and function as such. The nature of the job is collaborative in approach. We do not take over the complete project, and neither do we restrict you to a single task. We collaborate as we would on any project done equally.
Both teams do everything from in-house support to managing the finer technical aspects simultaneously. Under this option, not only do you get the opportunity to meet your deadlines but also get the opportunity to expand the expertise of your team simultaneously. This also lays a foundation for a more collaborative future.

Leveraging the benefits of advanced technologies to ensure the best

Internet of Things

The Internet of things studies how different objects are linked together and what causes them to behave the way they do. We use IoT to form predictive consumer behavior patterns and analyze what and where the consumer will be.
It allows us to extract data from seemingly ordinary everyday objects and form them into meaningful information that our data scientists can then use to design products that are not only successful but also futuristic and adaptive.

Machine learning

We use only the latest and most scalable technology to develop your software. Moreover, we use programming languages such as MATLAB and Octave to ensure your project gets the best of the features with proper documentation and comments. Furthermore, we develop applications through advanced frameworks to provide the best parts.


We have mastered the art of creating secure and efficient blockchain-based applications which will help you satisfy your users. Moreover, all our applications and websites are based on the latest cryptocurrency trends, which will provide real-time rates and easy transactions.

Virtual Reality

Even for us, virtual reality is the most exciting prospect. We have years of experience in 3D modeling that we have molded into expertise in VR. We use this knowledge to meet challenges and provide exciting finished products that offer an enhanced VR experience.
Our goal is to create the most engaging products for our clients and keep them loyal to the brand. Brand loyalty is something we value, and we aim to earn your loyalty through our work. That is also why we put so much effort into ensuring that we provide you with nothing but the best of services that money can buy.

Data Science

Data has become the most crucial currency right after time—people in the industry value data as the means to shed light on their future decisions. Simulations are being run that help analyzes and adapt to how the customers will respond in the future. Data games are also played to gain insight into the business itself.
We have in-house specialists that do it for us. Moreover, every team we make has a group of specialized data scientists. These scientists help our developers know how and why the customers react to the products being put into the market.

Computer vision

We use advanced image detection technology that incorporates image processing to enhance the quality of the output. The core features on which we focus are:

  • The detection of an image.
  • The recognition of an image.
  • The identification of that image.
With the rapid speed of expansion of technology today, we are looking forward to meeting the world with ready services. Image analysis has become a big part of the game. So, we have incorporated it into our area of expertise. Moreover, we provide our clients with a unique advantage.

Give your project a great result with the Process of Augmentation with Rushkar.

1. Finding The Right Partner

To prove that our partnership is worth it, it is essential to go through with the company's industrial reputation, work history, selection and recruitment process, and, last but not least, expertise. We have it all as we have company expertise and an excellent reputation in the industry. As your partner, we maintain transparency throughout the project.

2. Choosing The Right Model

This step includes carrying out a detailed review and assessment that studies the requirements of your project. The most important benefit of IT staffing services provided by us is that we offer services that can be customized. Therefore, the model you'll be provided with will go well with your demands.

3. Real Expectations

The desirable goals and expected designs should be committed distinctly. We perform several evaluations throughout the procedure to identify the growth and make essential amendments before investing many resources in your project.

4. Communication

While co-operating with IT staffing services, our primary requirement is to set a clear line when it comes to communication, thereby creating an effective and efficient feedback flow. The main factor that could work wonders in your project's success is a well-maintained communication system.

5. Handing Over The Control

As a leading software outsourcing company, we master preparing a well-structured plan that will match your necessities from the beginning. We ensure that there is a master strategy to place your staff and thereby redirect your house team after completing the procedure of coding and testing.

Benefits Of It Staff Augmentation Services

If there's any large project coming up, then Staff Augmentation is the best option for you. We benefit you in plenty of ways. Some of them are as follows.


Staff Augmentation helps companies to cut costs at a different level. You don't have to worry about the expenses of workers. You save your money at every stage. Be it on recruiting, taxes, or any other benefits of employees. With us at Rushkar, you only pay for a particular period until they work.
As we provide you with trained and professional workers. Thus, you don't have to spend a penny on training.

Get situations under your control.

Staff Augmentation is better than an outsourced team as we allow and help you monitor the project and control your task. In outsourcing, you're not allowed to check the quality of the project or question the progress, as everything depends on the outsourced team.
With us, you can requite staff at any point as per requirement. Our trained members improve the efficiency and quality of the project. We also guarantee security and privacy.

Increased flexibility and adaptability

With us, you are always ready for any project. Take the task of any size as per clients' requirements. This benefits the scalability of your company. You can hire staff according to work demands. This will help your organization in several ways. Like, you can now diversify your services and much more.

Counteract attrition

In case of any unexpected attrition, you can contact us anytime. With us, you can manage significant projects and their delivery times. Staff Augmentation is the perfect solution for both workers and companies. As workers seek job changes, they can put their expertise and skills in a larger arena.

Staff Augmentation Services FAQs

Why should I outsource my IT work?

It provides specialization in your work and reduces the load on your in-house developers. Thus, giving you more time to focus on specializing in your craft while leaving the rest to us.

Do you only work with tech companies?

No, we work with companies in all fields. We will provide you with all your IT needs regardless of your area.

What is the level of your collaboration?

We collaborate with you to the extent that you want us to. From collaborating on a project to providing an in-house expert who works with your team in your office, we do it all.

Do you provide specialized services?

We host several in-house specialists we send out on projects when required. So if the demand for your project is such, we provide specialists.

Are you very costly to work with?

We ask for fair compensation for our work. The work that we do is highly specialized and technical in nature; thus, some might find the charges high. But we assure you, we charge almost below the industry standard.

Do you take much time on a project?

Not at all! Our focus is on getting the best result in the shortest time.

We have Experience of Creating
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Technology Stack of Rushkar

Being a pioneering Android App Development Company in India, we have complete technology expertise and knowledge. This makes us offer the best Android Apps that can meet the requirements of our different clients.

Educational Apps
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And more!

How Rushkar Stands Out From The Rest?

Rushkar is the best Android application development company in India. Our user interfaces are outstanding. We carry out thorough analysis of our client’s domain and industry, before beginning with application development projects. Our ultimate aim is to change our client’s idea into a reality.

User-Friendly Apps
Skilled Developers
Promise To Maintain 100% confidentiality
Regular Reports and Availability during Project Lifecycle
Flexible, Fast access to Exclusive IT skills
Solid Technology Competence
Comprehensive Research and Analysis
Why Hire Indian App Developers?

Hire Android App Developers from India as you will get an expert team of application developers, web coders, and software programmers who can help your business or brand to sail to the success shore.

Latest Technology Development

The android app Developers from India keep themselves up-to-date with the latest trends, technologies, frameworks, and tools. Hence, you can rest assured to get the newest technology developments at very reasonable prices.

Highly Cost Effective

If you choose to work with Indian app developers, it’ll be very cost effective as compared to outsourcing the work to any other country. The android app developers from India are 70-75% cheaper than developers from other countries having the same skills. They are among the cheapest app developers around the world.

No Language Barrier

Nearly every Android app developer from India speak English as it is he official language. Hence, you will not face any kind of communication issues.

Business Specific Developers

If you choose to work with app developers from India, you will get an extensive range of option to select from. You can hire programmers and developers who can understand your business challenges and who best fit in your needs.

No Hassles of Recruitment

With Indian App Developers, you can save your company from recruitment and training hassles. You can also scale the team of app developers based on your business needs.

No Difference of Time-Zone

Generally, the app developers from India work for 24*7*365. Hence, you will not face time zone issues. They can readily work according to your time zones to guarantee smooth communication and work flow.


Transparency is what runs Android app developers from India. You won’t face any hidden charges with Indian App developers. This helps App development companies in India to get repeated business from their clients