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IT Managed Services

Rushkar is one of the best IT managed service providers in India. We are a well-known strategic IT outsourcing partner who can assist you to transform your IT operations in the simplest possible way for utmost positive business impact. We unlock the mechanics of technology and business to provide next-gen IT managed services. Our team reviews all your current systems to know the workflow of operations, processes, and people. Once our managed IT services company evaluates the challenges and liabilities in the existing processes, we help you explore opportunities that can maximize your efficiency.

Rushkar, one of the leading managed IT service providers India, helps you decrease overhead of hiring as well as managing resources by offering an extended team working dedicatedly for you. Customized technology solutions, product support and maintenance, and more are designed to address your particular business needs. Our IT managed services are designed to enable scalability and agility of your business. By aligning various IT operations with different business processes, we offer you technical know-how that assists in taking benefit of the online world.

Being a software development company, we understand that in the present scenario, IT services and support are not just about maintaining servers and software during technical failures. We need to move a step forward. To do so, we follow a modern approach by implementing leading-edge technologies letting our clients differentiate themselves from all their competitors.

Having outstanding command over the latest technologies and a zeal to upgrade constantly, we deliver ongoing IT services and support while planning strategies, development and design, deployment, and testing. All through the process, we concentrate on problem-solving methods and scalability, making sure that the output is excellent when it comes to usability and quality.

Hire dedicated developers from our company today to make the most of managed IT services. We will be happy to help you in all your managed IT services needs.

Cybersecurity Tools

  • Stress testing
  • Security testing of the IT infrastructure and its elements ( compliance testing, security audit, penetration testing, and vulnerability assessment)
  • Recommending security improvements using SecOps approach
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IT Infrastructure Elements Handled by Managed IT Services
  • On-premise data centers
  • Networks
  • Cybersecurity tools
  • Cloud services (IaaS, SaaS, PaaS)
  • App infrastructures
  • Desktops
  • Web portals and websites
  • Development infrastructure
  • Databases, data leaks, and data warehouses

Why Choose Rushkar for
Managed IT Services in India?

Optimize your applications, cloud consumption, or your on-premise or your cloud infrastructure and drive productivity, team efficiency, and innovation.

Focus on The Core Competency

Optimize an IT to concentrate on the core activities
With a nuanced technology, leave the IT-related headache to the specialists

Desired Support coverage

Expertise across on-premise and cloud technologies
Uptime commitment
Resolution and SLA based time for every incident

Always ON

Availability of Expert Engineers
Proactively manage and monitor the cloud platform before any outage occurs
Support for all your IT needs

Value-Added Consulting

Focused Training
Adoption Support
Cost optimization initiatives
Technology consulting

Best Practices

Worldwide cloud best practices
ITSM Methodology
Industry leading tools having advanced functionalities

IT Compliance Fulfilment

Security Compliance
IT inventory management
Assistance for audits
Periodic custom and standard reports

Elements of Rushkar’s Managed IT Services

IT Infrastructure Analysis

Evaluating IT infrastructure states and issues and offering recommendations

Proactive Infrastructure Monitoring

- Around the clock monitoring to reduce or avoid downtime
- L2 and L3 tech support to troubleshoot any incidents and find their root cause.

IT Infrastructure Administration

- Management of data centers, cloud services, and network
- User administration along with regular software updates and configuration

Apps Infrastructure

Apps monitoring, troubleshooting, enhancement, performance management, and optimization

Development Infrastructures

Establishing CI/CD pipelines, testing, and development environments

IT Infrastructure Designs

Creating new IT infrastructures and its elements

Cloud Usage Optimization

Cloud resource consumption optimization to decrease cloud costs

Cloud Migration

Data warehouse and application migration to Azure Cloud or AWS

Application Integration

Integrations of on-premise and cloud apps

IT Help Desk

L1, L2, L3 tech support

FAQs of Managed Services

What Do Managed Services Mean?

Managed Service providers reduced the workloads of IT teams and take the responsibility for securing, monitoring, optimizing, and solving issues related to the IT infrastructure for 24*7.

What are the Advantages of Managed IT Services?

Managed IT services providers can assist you to make a strategy that guarantees maximum uptime, secure data, security, and 24*7 monitoring with quick response to IT problem during unpredicted situations. This guarantees a robust base for unobstructed business continuity. Let’s find out how Managed IT Services can assist your business:

  • Real-Time Technology Upgrades
  • Optimization of Resources and Operations
  • 24*7 IT Security
  • Cost Optimization Opportunities
  • 24*7 Available Access to Professional Help

How Do Managed Service Providers Guarantee Against the Premature Services Termination?

We have contracts that provide for substantial transition periods. Hence, no prospective abrupt termination can occur.

Do Managed IT services Can Danger the Corporate Data Security?

If you outsource cyber security service, it ensures monitoring, recognition, and aversion timely before the risks go on and become unmanageable. Promising proactive approaches with all-time availability of professional help will guarantee complete protection from impending risks.

How Can I Reduce My IT Infrastructure Costs?

Our team will evaluate your IT infrastructure’s existing state to find out any potential for improvements and then compare its TCO versus Ruskhar.