Cloud Consulting

Since legacy architectures cannot handle the explosive development of devices, data, and applications, organizations and businesses require an IT environment that has the flexibility, performance, and scalability to meet those demands. Cloud computing is the perfect solution to those technology and data challenges companies face. It enables businesses to work efficiently and offer responsiveness, scalability, and drive revenue and growth.

Rushkar's cloud consulting services create experiences that can solve the most complex challenges and issues that organizations face. Our cloud experts will first understand your unique business issues and then deliver the ideal solutions that emphasize usability, clarity, and results. We blend our knowledge with the most sophisticated technologies to drive growth and efficiency. Our cloud solutions allow organizations to decrease their IT resource needs and enhance productivity, along with reducing time-to-market and lowering costs. We help clients with our computing services, applications, and tools like storage, servers, networking, databases, applications, and software among others. By enabling businesses for cloud adoption, our cloud expert can help them to become more responsive and agile to the changing markets landscape, hence supporting them in the right decision-making process.

AWS / Azure / GCP Services

Rushkar has been offering leading-edge cloud computing and consulting services for all the services delivery models including PaaS, SaaS, and IaaS. With services and solutions for large enterprises, small companies, developers, and DevOps, we offer a wide variety of AWS, Azure and GCP cloud solutions and services also with the help of our AWS/Azure/GCP experts so that you can accomplish your projects. Our cloud computing solution does not just transform one part or application of your organization but your whole enterprise. And performance and security are not compromised but improved.

Why Choose Us?

As a leading cloud consulting company, Rushkar offers the whole gamut of cloud services including the private, public, and hybrid cloud types. Depending on customer needs, we use the SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS service models.

Private Cloud

Computing infrastructure in the private cloud is committed to one business and isn’t shared with others.

Public Cloud

The computing infrastructure in the public cloud is hosted by a cloud vendor at their premises.

Hybrid Cloud

It refers to a mix of public cloud and private cloud services with orchestration between them.

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Rushkar cloud computing consultants, architects, and specialists can help your business in customizing the ideal cloud solutions for your business needs. Get in touch with us today to get more information on how can you avail our cloud services.