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Top App Development Trends in 2021

Mobile phones have seen a great transformation in the last few years. Initially, mobile phones helped us connect, but nowadays, there to a lot more to do with mobile than making simple phone calls. Powered with a variety of sensors, multimedia functionalities, and multifunctional apps, mobiles today are cutting-edge and handy devices. But this does not stop here.

With the launch of more powerful and faster smartphones, an increase in mobile apps is witnessed. Mobile applications are a wonderful technological innovation. They have changed the way we work, communicate, and shop. When it comes to mobile apps, many changes and trends are introduced regularly. So, let’s have a look at the top trends that are set to influence mobile apps development in 2021.

Internet of Things

As the smartphones available in the market increase, more possibilities are opening up for IoT. Internet of Things has now made it possible to control everything with a single tap of your smartphone. The prowess of IoT can be seen in industries as well as homes. This disruptive technology generates a network of many interconnected devices that can share data in interoperable ways. The data is then controlled using mobile apps, enabling users to remotely control their devices.

Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence

The introduction of Artificial Intelligence has changed nearly every commercial and industrial segment. This technology is infused with face identification and voice recognition abilities. So, using it, apps can recognize and envisage users’ behavior, recognize user behavior scanned by the camera, and include high-end safety features. Besides, the chatbots integration in apps is also enhancing their abilities. Chatbots help service providers communicate with clients with human interaction. Users can thus experience outstanding client service.

5G Technology

5G technology is expected to be 100x faster than the 4G with a speed of 100Gbps. Using new radio frequencies, 5G technology is expected to lead the standardized data transmission in the coming years. 5G technology is appropriate for compute-intensive applications such as virtual reality, augmented reality, 4K video streaming, etc. App Developers India can use 5G to make features and designs that improve business performance in various industries.

Instant Apps

Instant apps have become a trend now. They are ideal for the users to learn the basic functions of an application without even downloading it. The instant apps are also ideal for offering a demo and memory-efficient or user-friendly service to the users about native apps. It helps users determine whether they want to install the application or not. Instant apps are more useful when knotted with digital marketing strategies to reach out to the target audience and make them download the application.

Wearable App Development

In the last few years, wearables like healthcare monitors, smartwatches, and fitness bracelets have witnessed explosive growth. They are expected to rise their expansion in the upcoming years. Apps that synchronize wearable devices with smartphones are thus in great demand.

Biometric Authentication

Fingerprint scanning in smartphones is a perfect example of a smartphone’s biometric authentication. Nearly every smartphone these days come with the biometric authentication feature. With the advancement of technology, faster and more precise biometric systems will now come into existence. When it comes to app development biometric authentication also has become a mainstream technology trend. When combined with other authentication ways, you can get modern authentication security. Since biometric authentication is the latest app development trend, app developers India should include it in their apps.

Predictive Analytics

Companies such as Apple, Facebook, and Google have integrated Artificial Intelligence-based predictive analytics already to enhance user journey across the UI/UX. Predictive analytics helps predict prospective events by evaluating a huge amount of data. This prediction depends on strategies from machine learning, statistics, data mining, and artificial intelligence. Predictive analytics will be in high demand because of the growth of computing strength, storage, and data.

Augmented Reality (AR)

AR is easily compatible with smartphones. It submerges the virtual objects present in real surroundings enabling users to see the visually empowered surroundings\. Mobile apps using this tech are famous mainly among youngsters because of their visually attractive characteristics. This technological advancement implementation can be witnessed in photography apps and games that offer an immersive experience to their users.

In this highly digitalized world, mobile applications have become a more sophisticated affair. Every product version and software update uses new technologies. And the result of this is a continuous state of advancement. But, this doesn’t mean that you should begin using every trend. Choose the technology smartly. The latest technologies can easily affect your needed network bandwidth, computing power, and storage capacity.

Healthcare App

Healthcare, like most other industries, has undergone a rapid transformation, thanks to advancements in technology. The usage of smartphone medical applications has increased worldwide, with more and more people relying on them for everything from medical treatments to general health and well-being.

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