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Why investing in .Net Development is the right strategy?

As the market is getting highly competitive, there is a regular growing need to produce interesting all the time for the customers. This is the reason why web developing companies are more focused on high tech solutions to deliver web applications that are seamless to use and highly customizable. Before undergoing web development, its important to first understand the nature of a business and choose the technology which suits your business objectives. Due to the growing demand of the web app technology, Microsoft introduced ASP.Net Framework.

.Net framework is a software development framework to build and run applications on windows. It is a part of the .Net platform which is a collection of technologies for building apps for macOSWindowsLinuxAndroidiOS, and more.

 .Net Development

Advantages of the .Net framework:

.Net framework enables the developers to use multiple languages and it has horizontal scalability. It allows the developers to create the program in Java, C++, or virtual basic. It also interfaces with Microsoft and windows easily.

The tools and IDEs are tested already and are available on the Microsoft Developer network. In addition, language integration is also seamless as you can use anything from C# to VB.NET.  The .NET framework reduces the number of codes that are needed in a large web application. The web applications developed in ASP.NET is secured as each step includes Windows configuration and conformation. The .NET framework offers WYSIWYG so there is drag and drop automatic operations too which offers blueprints and server.

As HTML and source codes are separated automatically, ASP.NET is highly secure. The framework eliminates the need for unnecessary codes so developers enjoy working on the platform to boost their productivity.

Dot Net is the best platform to develop fully workable websites offering seamless user experience and best performance. The websites build on .NET platform attracts more customers and increase the chance of profit-making. With so many advantages .NET framework is becoming one of the top choices of developers, here are few advantages of the framework:

  1. .Net is open source – Open source projects are released fast, have abundant support as they don’t suffer from bureaucracy. As with open-source, most of the issues are already solved, the developers can focus on business cases, shifting their energy in producing a high quality product. Another benefit of developing apps through the open source is that It doesn’t keep you locked into certain vendors and you can always find help from the contributor’s pool to keep your product running. An open-source framework also increases the chance of success of your project by directing eth budget to other services like training, marketing, hosting, or even change management. In short, it reduces the overall cost of the project.
  2. .NET supports a variety of programming languages – From the last 18 years .Net is helping developers with their websites which means there are millions of apps that are developed with it. Though C# was the first language made for the .Net framework, it is also designed to incorporate the best features of other languages.
  3. .NET supports different types of applications – .NET framework allows you to develop apps in multiple domains like gaming, IoT, AI, and mobile. Now that more businesses are finding huge potential in AI and machine learning, they are also integrating such components in their applications.
  4. Security – For every business, protecting its app is a major concern. When HTTPS redirection came, we thought things are sorted but with modern architecture, it doesn’t seem enough. There are security-sensitive data like credentials, keys, connection strings that need to be protected. Luckily, .NET offers a huge range of easy to use mechanisms for authorization, authentication, data protection, and prevention of attack.
  5. Enables Top app performance – Performance is a key feature with .Net Core design. With every new version, .Net comes with extra performance. With the right database and architecture, the .NET framework can offer a perfect solution to any business that may need to scale eventually.
  6. Flexibility with .NET – Flexibility in general terms means the ability to evolve and to adapt easily. Some frameworks make switching of the databases impossible as they come with a package of preferred tools and databases.
  7. It is cost-effective – While picking the right technology for your application, the first thing that you want to look at is tools and IDEs which are important for that technology and which makes the developers a little more productive. A lot are freely available, but the top ones come with licensing costs which can sum up to thousands of dollars. That money can be saved or spent somewhere which can bring higher returns.

Microsoft developed a Visual Studio Code a few years back which can be used for commercial apps that were small, updated, and extensible that it became the first preferred IDE for front end developers. .NET gives you the freedom to switch to Linux and allows you to pick a provider of your choice which offers a great SLA and which is cheaper. Besides, you can also host your application in the cloud by trusting the services of any cloud provider like Azure.

Types of websites and apps developed with the .NET framework

The .NET platform is a feature-rich platform that is used by developers for a variety of modern apps. Here are some of the applications that you can develop through this framework:

  1. Businesses – There was a time when businesses were conducted without any software tool but that time is long gone. Today all business owners put constructive use of the applications and software to handle their business functionalities. No matter if it is supply chain management or sales and finances, the framework is ideal for all.
  2. Games - .NET is highly versatile and is used to develop gaming apps. Due to countless features that .NET offer; it helps in the development of enterprise graded solution.
  3. Mobile applications - .NET helps in developing a responsive application that works well in mobile, computer, and other devices. However, it is advisable that you should hire .Net developers for the same as they can create the app of your choice.


While picking the right technology for your business, you should not choose a framework that is popular or open-source rather than looks for the one which adds value to your business, like boosting performance, reduces costs, add flexibility, etc. By choosing the .NET framework you get a mature and stable cross-platform which can be integrated with other databases, libraries, and modern tools.

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