Customize Ecommerce Solution

Client's Requirements / Challenge

Completed in 14 Weeks with 4 Devs + 1 PM

Our client contacted us to create a platform that offered all kinds of electronic products to people to buy online. We accepted the challenge and started evaluating their needs. We listened to them carefully to offer them the best product in the end.

Rushkar solution

At Rushkar, we created an astonishing masterpiece in the form of an ecommerce website for electronics with an impeccable backend and artistic interface. With bright colored schemes, body imagery, and crisp features, we concentrated on a sophisticated look. Our developers filled the website with many full-width product photos showing what these guys have to offer. Moreover, the integration of a secure payment gateway makes your transactions safe and reliable.

  • Coupon Management
  • Cashback Feature
  • Inventory Management
  • Multi Seller Platform
  • Reliable payment gateway
  • Bright schemes
  • Lots of space for product images
  • Sophisticated look
  • And a lot more


Microsoft SQL

Back End

C#.Net / MVC


Native (Kotlin)




Visual Studio 2017

Satisfied with our capabilities !!

Just drop your SRS or short requirements and we will get back to you with project roadmap including all possible feature enhancements, and the best possible quote. Still have a doubt?? We are always here, Let's chat....