Fleet Management Application

Client's Requirements / Challenge

Completed in 20 weeks with 4 Devs + 1 PM

The client got in touch with Rushkar to get a fleet management solution that could help them navigate licenses, permits, fee, and other features of fleet management. The client needed a complex solution with a feature rich mobile app and an interactive web interface.

Rushkar solution

Rushkar assisted them in creating a fleet management solution that they needed to drive new and more business. This assisted them in rebranding their business. This solution improved our clients’ real-time speed of business operation and information accessibility. The client got benefitted from timely and cost effective execution of the smart fleet management solution. It also opened the doors for our client for new revenue channels by mobilizing the fleet management and ability to track the assets easily.

  • Integrated improved features
  • Helps obtain right information of vehicles
  • Lists directions
  • Tire Management
  • Fuel Management
  • Bar Coding Implementation
  • Parts Management


Microsoft SQL

Back End

C#.Net / MVC


Native (Kotlin)




Visual Studio 2017

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