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Completed in 12 Weeks with 2 Devs + 1 TL

So basically Galgotta is a unique job portal. In the current time, lots of job portals are available and all portal follows the same methodology employee send her data and the employer checked those data and if the candidate has the necessary skill according to the job requirement they select them. But Galgotta has a unique approach in this platform Employees have to create one account on a platform that is no need to apply for each and every job. While employer side employer selects all employee data according to their requirement and just like E-commerce they add to the cart all selected candidates and then purchases all selected employee data.

Client requirements

Our client has a product-based company and in their company, various industries and various departments are included. So our client has always needed a skilled employee. But the problem is that our client has need more employees in journal data entry work and fewer technical knowledge employees. So our client needs a unique job portal.

In the current market, lots of job portal platforms are available. In most job portal User apply for a job with a CV and the recruiter checked the CV.

If candidates have well-matching skills they call and set up an interview and hire but our client has a unique job portal idea. The requirement is users create one account on our client platform with all necessary details. Users don’t need a apply for a job unlike other platforms.

On the other side recruiter or company find a candidate on categories wise. In a company account recruiter have a list of candidate recruiter selects candidate based on their skills and just like an E-commerce recruiter adds all selected candidate into a cart and then purchases all candidate details for a specific amount of time. So the recruiter finds the best talent and on the other side, candidates don’t need to apply for a job.

galgotta job portal mobile app

Problem Statement

Nowadays in the market lots of job platforms are available and all platforms follow the same process candidates apply via the platform and the recruiter checked the candidate’s details and invites them for an interview. If the candidate has a matched skill they hire. So the candidate has to apply for each and every job and wait for a response. So our client has an idea to fill up this gap so we created one unique job platform where a candidate just makes an account on a platform on the other side recruiter selects a candidate and purchases all candidate details. So the recruiter gets the best employee and employee get the best company.

How it works for (Candidate)

The candidate created one account on our client platform with all the necessary details. Candidates don’t need to apply for a job. The recruiter purchases Candidate details and then recruiter contacts the candidate.

How it works for (Recruiter/Company)

A company needs to register and create an account on the platform. Company search candidates on categories vise and select all candidates and add to cart and purchase all data for a limited time.

Key Challenges of the Project

  • The main key challenge is to match employees and recruiters to each other's profile based on category so no one miss opportunity.
  • Another challenge is recruiter purchases user/employee data for different categories so it’s difficult to manage.
  • In platform recruiter purchases data for a limited time so we need to make different offers with three plans just like silver, gold, and diamond.
  • From the app side make UI so simple that even 12th pass students can understand the flow of the app and get their desired job.


Our team of experts studied the project in detail and analyze the complication that the authority faced. This application was meant to connect recruiter and employee seamlessly without wasting more time and money. So Recruiter finds their best talent and User/Employee find best organization/company.

We divide the process into the following steps.

  • Create employee and employer accounts based on category. So, we can match based on category as well as location.
  • Then first we match employee and employers based on location and also with category also we have to take care of which employees data employer had purchased. So, we can set the list priority-wise.
  • By using this technique we were able to match employee and employer exactly same as the client's requirement.

Benefits To the Recruiter

  • Recruiter Find the best talent via this platform without wasting more money and Time.
  • Recruiters have an option they search candidate categories vise so they easily find suitable candidates instead of reviewing all candidate details.
  • The most helpful feature is recruiter adds all selected into a cart.
  • Just like other platforms recruiters don’t need to screen all candidate details they get all details on the candidate’s profile.
  • Easy to use and navigate.

Benefits To the Jobseeker

  • Just like all other portals candidates did not need to apply for multiple jobs.
  • Functionality of this platform of so easy even low-educated people also creates a good profile on this platform. So it’s user-friendly.
  • Candidates get a good position based on the skillset they have.
  • It saves lots of time because you don’t need to apply.

Project Methdology


Project Management Tool

Android Studio


SQL Server

Back End

.Net Core


Native, Kotlin

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