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Developing web and mobile applications is a monotonous job and successful deployment of projects undergo various stages. So, hire dedicated developers india to take care of all the stages of development of your project. Rushkar offers you with perfect solutions for your needs of web and mobile applications by offering done net developers, frontend developers, and Node Js developers on hourly, full-time contract, and part-time basis.

When you hire dedicated developers from Rushkar, they will work dedicatedly to provide you best benefits at the best cost. Our developers know to handle all kinds of project developments and deliver better solutions for your specific business needs.

Hire Dedicated dot net/Asp.Net Developers - Hire C# MVC Developers

Dot Net is a great web development platform that offers complete software infrastructure, a programming model, and different services needed to create robust applications. Hire dot net developers/Hire C# MVC developers from Rushkar as they are highly proficient and trained in using various technologies like C#, C# MVC, .Net, Asp.Net, Ajax, VB.Net and more.

Hire Dedicated Developers for Node JS

Speed, productivity, and scalability all play an important role while opting for Node Js as a project development platform. It lets developers write JavaScript both on the server side and client side. Hire Node Js developers from Rushkar as they are highly passionate in creating scalable network applications using Node Js framework.

Hire Dedicated Developers for Frontend

Whether you want to hire frontend developers for your current website or a new one, we have the specialists you need. Hire Frontend developers from Rushkar to get the expertise you need for your project’s development. Our experts will help you maximize the user experience through user-friendly, interactive, and responsive Front-end designs.

Advantages of Hiring Dedicated Developers from Rushkar

Rushkar has a big pool of experienced, skilled, and talented mobile and web developers to convert ideas into reality is a very cost-effective way. All our dedicated developers have many years of experience in offering solutions to big and small businesses around the world. Below are the many benefits of hiring our dedicated developers:

  • Flexibility in Price and Time:Do you have time constraints, but wish to create a project? Don’t worry, you can count on our dedicated developers. Avail and experience our top-notch technical expertise for your project development.
  • Work With Supremacy:As the work quality is for long term, simply being satisfied isn’t in our dictionary. All our work is planned and finished intelligently and smartly.
  • Superlative Technology:With advancement of technologies, our dedicated developers keep themselves up to date with the latest trends to do very well and offer world-class applications.
  • Converting Idea Into Reality:With our dedication and experience towards development, our developers help convert your ideas into reality with their practical experience.
  • Saving Costs:The amount of time and work any project demands can differ significantly. We are different from others because of our high-quality services offered by our developers and that is beyond money and time.

Monthly Hiring Benefits

  • Cost-Effective And Flexibility in Hiring
  • 100% Source Code Authorization
  • Adherence To Project Timeline
  • Quality Product Deliverance
  • Secure Development Area
  • Daily updates/weekly Meetings wth Agile
  • Track Performance by Project Management Tools
  • Developer Screening before hiring

Our Other Services

Hire Software Developers to work according to your time zone, deadline, and milestone

Hire Ruby on Rails Developers

Rushkar is your one-stop destination for hiring the best and experienced Ruby on Rails developers to build strong, reliable, and sustainable web apps at reasonable prices. Reach us to embark on a journey towards developing your customized ROR app with our assistance

Starts From Hourly $22 to $35

Hire React/JS React Native Developers

Our company Rushkar is a community for the best React JS/React Native developers, engineers, designers, coders, builders, and strategists in the world. Our React JS/ React Native professionals are chosen by top organizations and new entrepreneurs needed for their critical projects and software-based missions.

Starts From Hourly $22 to $35

Hire Node.JS Developers

To create standards-compliant apps, employ Efficient NodeJS Developers. Rushkar is the perfect technological ally for your NodeJS development because of its extensive, core development experience. We, with our specialized team of NodeJS developers, guarantee you the development of mission-critical apps in a limited time period.

Starts From Hourly $22 to $35

Hire Laravel Developers

You may quickly engage a Laravel design team or a specialized developer with Rushkar for the consistent creation of stunning apps and web services. These Laravel developers have a great deal of experience and can handle the full project from start to finish with ease.

Starts From Hourly $22 to $35

Hire Spree Commerce Developers

Employ Spree Commerce designers from us to create a business using our skilled team's artistic abilities. Rushkar has successfully designed various Spree Commerce plugins as well as highly dynamic, adaptable, and reliable enterprise solutions that are free of complexity.

Starts From Hourly $22 to $35

Hire Blockchain Developers

Engage with the best Blockchain Developers on the market. Rushkar is a community that provides specialized blockchain developers, engineering personnel, and consulting networks. Our blockchain engineers help top firms host ICOs, write consensus protocols, build Decentralized applications, and much more.

Starts From Hourly $22 to $35

Hire Vue.JS Developers

We are specialists in designing high-octane quality-obsessed, authentic apps, with demonstrated skills in Vue.js app development. Get Vue.js developers from Rushkar to supplement your current staff with the right skills and experience.

Starts From Hourly $22 to $35

Hire PHP Developers

Rushkar is a well-known web development company that specializes in PHP-based services. Our technical competence in PHP front-end, digital marketing, and online applications, combined with agile methodologies processes, has enabled us to provide a wide range of PHP-related services.

Starts From Hourly $22 to $35

Hire Magento Developers

Employ Magento Designer from us anytime to get faultless and innovative solutions with faster response times. Rushkar's Magento programmers have a solid history of developing distinctive E-commerce solutions and can meet even the most unusual business needs.

Starts From Hourly $22 to $35

Hire Dedicated Full Stack Developers

We can provide full stack designers to create any form of online, mobile, or computer application from beginning to end. Among other things, our full-stack engineers are familiar with various application development layers, sites, databases, Interfaces, MVC, and web hosting settings.

Starts From Hourly $22 to $35

Hire .Net Developers

Are you searching for qualified remote.NET engineers who are willing to work in your capital budget? At Rushkar, .NET developers provide clients with cost-effective web solutions that are powerful, accessible, and extensible. Our technical knowledge, combined with our agile project technique, enables us to provide a wide variety of developmental offerings in the.Net sector.

Starts From Hourly $22 to $35

Hire Python Developers

Rushkar is an online network for top Python programmers, designers, developers, builders, and advisers. For critical mission software packages, top enterprises and start-ups turn to Rushkar Python professionals.

Starts From Hourly $22 to $35

Hire AWS Developers

Hire AWS Developers

Starts From Hourly $18 to $22

Hire Golang Developers

Hire Golang Developers

Starts From Hourly $22 to $35

Hire iOS & Android App Developers

Hire iOS deveoper for SWIFT, Hire Android Developers for Kotlin / JAVA

Starts From Hourly $12 to $18

Hire AngularJS Developers

Hire AngularJS Developers

Starts From Hourly $12 to $18

Our Technology expertise

We use best-in-class tools, state-of-the-art technologies and modern approaches to scale up your business

FrontEnd Angular Vue.JS React.JS
BackEnd Ruby On Rails Laravel Node PHP .net Golang
Mobile Flutter React Native iOS Android Ionic
Server AWS Digital Ocean Heroku
Database MongoDB PostgreSQL MySQL
Version Control Github Bitbucket Gitlab
Communication Tools Slack Hangout
Meeting Google Meet Zoom Goto Meeting
Project Management Tools Jira Trello BaseCamp
Other Agile

Our Business Models

Full-Time Hiring

8/hours per day, 5 days/week
Email, Skype, Phone, MS Teams, Slack
Hiring Period
Minimum 1 Month

Part-Time Hiring

8/hours per day, 5 days/week
Email, Skype, Phone, MS Teams, Slack
Hiring Period
Minimum 1 Month

Hourly Hiring

Email, Skype, Phone, MS Teams, Slack
Hiring Period
Minimum 1 Week

Is it good to Hire Developers form India?

India is leading in software outsourcing services countries with quality qork.

Agile Methodology

2 weeks sprint and delivery

Daily 8 Hrs quality wokr

Installed time tracker for live tracking

Competitive Rates

Starting developer hiring from just $10 / Hr

Payment on end of Month

Release payment on successfully delivery

Daily Code Commit

Client can check daily progress

Dedicated Team Lead

Proper Communication & Delivery

Save upto 50% on your development cost to hire software developers from Rushkar.

Hire Dedicated Developers / Development Team for your Project

Highly skilled developers with proper Agile and Branching knowledge are ready to become your helping hands

  • Hire Single Developer at USD $2200 / Month
  • Hire 2 or more Developers at USD $2000 / Month
  • Hire 5 or more Developers at USD $1800 / Month
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Hire C#,.Net, Core Developers

.Net, C#, SQL, MySQL, Agile trained

Just$2000 / Month

Hire Mobile App Developer

Android, iOS, React Native, Flutter

Just$2200 / Month

Hire React Js Developer

Node, Angular, MongoDB, React, Vue

Just$2200 / Month

Hire Dedicated Development Team

1 PM, 1 TL, 3 Developers

Just$9000 / Month