Online Song Playing/Radio

Client's Requirements / Challenge

Completed in 12 weeks with 3 Devs + 1 PM

Our client contacted us for making an online song playing/radio app. We took the challenge as we were confident in our abilities to create one such app.

Rushkar solution

Created by our mobile app specialists, we created an excellent online song playing app. We successfully deployed all the ideas of our client and included them in the features. A lightweight, customizable music player, we created the app to offer an enjoyable music playing experience for you. To apply all the client requirements, we made a unique and simple design with flawless working. The app also has a powerful management system for controlling it from the background.

  • Search song, sort, and browse
  • Create your own playlist
  • Set new themes
  • Loop your playlist
  • Set background


Microsoft SQL

Back End

C#.Net / MVC


Native (Kotlin)




Visual Studio 2017

Satisfied with our capabilities !!

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