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About PingZz

Completed in 10 Weeks with 2 Devs + 1 TL

So basically PingZz is a unique message-sending application platform. In the current time, lots of messages sending applications are available and all application have their unique functionality. So basically PingZz is made for small and medium-level organizations and enterprises. Via this platform company or enterprise is registered with all employees. So basically in the application, all employees communicate clearly with saving time and without disturbing each other. The sender just needs to press one button and then type the message and then just enter send button. Receive get notifications instantly with the sender’s name.

Client requirements

Our client has a product-based company and in their company, various industries and various departments are included. So our client needed a unique chat-based solution where each department member communicates easily via the application. So our expert team took research and development and make solutions for clients and made this PingZz application. PingZz Internal Communication Mobile App

Problem Statement

Nowadays in the market, lots of communication platforms or chat-based solutions are available but our client needs a unique chat-based platform where each industry or department worker communicate easily with each other without disturbing each other. Especially in small or midsize companies, many problems are faced while communicating with each other. And sometimes it disturbs other departments or employees also so this platform (PingZz) has a solution those all situations.

How it works for (company)

They have to create one account on the PingZz application. With some basic company details and then the company adds all employees under the company account. And then all employees communicate with each other easily.

The company just needs to create an account without scanning any QR code. So it will automatically create a new organization. Then, from the dashboard share QR codes with their employees. So, they can scan QR codes while registration

How it works for (receiver/employees)

They have to create one account under the company which he/her worked for. And then they communicated with each other easily.

Key Challenges of the Project

  • Make UI as simple as possible so user can understand how they can register under their organization.
  • Create home screen widgets from which user can directly ping.
  • Show both user each other's pending PingZz. So, they won't miss any Ping.
  • We get difficulties while showing pending ping messages.
  • We get difficulties in Show messages according to a particular department.


Our team of experts studied the project in detail and analyze the complication that the authority faced. This application was meant to connect different department personnel seamlessly without wasting more time.

We divide the process into the following steps.

  • Create a new organization and register their employees under their organization.
  • Send and receive PingZz in 3 different ways
  • If the app is in the foreground directly shows a notification screen app receives PingZz.
  • If the app is in the background or forced closed then show the notification as a full-screen notification same as Whatsapp so users will understand that they are getting a notification.
  • If the phone is in a lock state then directly show the notification screen on the lock screen (No need to unlock the phone).


  • Small or Medium sized organizations will get the most benefit from this PingZz application. Let's say suppose someone is sitting in Cabin and they want to call their colleague or from reception then they can directly send PingZz from the app/widget no need to send a message or call.
  • The sender and receiver communicated easily with each other without disturbing the other.
  • Save time.
  • Don’t need to go particular department when you need something let’s say suppose someone is working in department one and he/she need to talk with another department person so they simply send a message via this platform.
  • Clear communication between two teams or departments.
  • Managers get regular/instant updates about the team.

Project Methdology


Project Management Tool

Android Studio


SQL Server

Back End

.Net Core


Native, Kotlin

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