Property Listing Mobile Application - California


Completed in 16 Weeks with 3 Devs + 1 PM

Homy is a mobile application through which client’s customers can access to search for new residentials, they can buy &rent property user can search for the property as per the customers locations.

Client requirements

  • Firstly Client wanted to have registrations system to that the searches and profile should be personalized as per their customers.
  • Customers should explore for the property as per the customers location; district, state etc.
  • Categories wise search as client offers multiple type of properties like residentials & commercials; buying or renting.
  • Properties agent details which are associated with their business.


Client is successfully running a real estate business. Client wanted to have application through which they can connect more customers by giving them online solution by displaying and showing availability of properties as per customers wants.

Rushkar solution

  • Customers can explore for new places near them with location search feature.
  • Registration for customers to give personalized profile.
  • Customers can browse as per their wants, properties are bifurcated in categories like residential, commercials, condo, any new launches and overseas property.
  • Every details about the selected properties.
  • Details about the properties agents which are associated their company along with their contacting details.
  • Chat box & calling in the application itself for agents which facilate customers to contact them easily.
  • News feeds feature which helps clients customers to get for updates about real estate market.
  • Feedbacks and reviews section in which client’s customers can give feedbacks about their experience with client’s service.


Client is now able manage their customers very well. Client is getting significant number of customers interested in their service. Social network has been increased hence resulted in more customers has been getting aware their services.

Project Methdology


Project Management Tool




Back End

.Net Core


Native, Kotlin




Visual Studio 2017

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