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Client's Requirements / Challenge

Completed in 4 Weeks with 4 Devs + 1 PM

Client's location is California, USA and client wants to develop Property management website, in which user can come and search the property in the nearest location or search by area, also client wants filter and sorting based or rating, price, Buy/Sale, no of rooms etc. Also clients want smart system, which get users location through Browser and default show the nearest property (radius of 100km) on website load, also client can customize the Kilometer (Ex. want listing in radius of 100 Km, default is 50 KM), also client wants that the end customers can save property (mark as favorite) without logging in to the system.

Client also want payment gateway integration to charge property providers on X no of listing.

Rushkar solution

Rushkar comes with web based portal in which admin can manage all the activities, with 2 types of users, Property Provider and property finder

Property Provider/Agent
  • Login/Sign up - with OTP verification
  • Upload document to verify identity
  • Upload property
  • Manage Cards, and charged monthly on subscription basis
  • Upload images of property with search tags
  • Add property's location (Lat/long) with Google map marker
  • see statistics like property views and property inquiries
  • View all inquiries under that property

Project Methdology


Project Management Tool



Microsoft SQL

Back End

C#.Net / MVC


Hybrid React Native


Hybrid React Native


Visual Studio 2017

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