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Are you looking for a strong software for your business? Do uncoordinated software stress your employees and hinder your productivity? If yes, then leverage our years of expertise in creating customized software for your business. We, at Rushkar, are a top software development company Toronto. We understand that your business requires a reliable software solution to easily support its different operations. Your business requires to scale and coordinate other software, cover a wide variety of other objectives, and include advanced technology. Rushkar has the technologies, tools, and experience to build such demanding and customized software.

Custom software development refers to the procedure of designing, creating, scaling, integrating, and updating software solutions to quickly address the requirements or attain the goals of your business. Rushkar, a top software development company Canada, delivers high-quality custom software development services to a range of clients including mid-size businesses and Fortune-500 companies. With years of our experience and knowledge, we can assist you to solve complicated challenges with our agile and dependable software solutions.

With Rushkar, you get a chance to support your business infrastructure with accessible software that enhances key aspects of your business from employee’s collaboration to automation. Our custom software developers Canada can help you create software solutions that can help solve specific business goals. We create frontline software solutions with the help of our expert developers that allow enterprises to quickly unlock innovations and make a great difference in the huge tech world. Use our development accelerators and low-risk approach to drive your digital transformations and guarantee a highly competitive edge.

Our Latest Sofrware Development Technologies

Rushkar keeps a track of the newest technologies always to deliver superior software solutions. The newest technologies offer you lots of important advantages, from the best levels of security using blockchain to dependable automation using Artificial Intelligence enabled algorithms such as machine learning.

Blockchain Technology

Rushkar uses a private blockchain for making the data of your business more secure, build a blockchain-enabled marketplace, automate major operations using Smart contracts, and more.

Augmented Reality

We can help create a 3D prototype in AR, hold a meeting in AR, and implement Augmented Reality enterprise training software. It will help elevate the competence of your business operations and assist cut costs.

Artificial Intelligence

We use Artificial Intelligence-based algorithms such as deep and machine learning to automate operations, guarantee fail-safe decisions when it comes to your employees, get insight from Big Data, and more.

Cloud computing

Our software developers Canada use our AWS cloud and Microsoft Azure solutions to make a business environment scalable, connected, and flexible. We use our expertise in software development to shift your mobile strategies to the cloud.

Use Our Expertise To Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

Rushkar uses custom software development expertise and innovative approaches to make a project successful for you.

Creating Exceptional Quality Solutions

You can easily trust the custom software development services offered by Rushkar to improve the security of your solution, drive outstanding client value, and speed up the time to market.

Top-Class Quality Assurance

Obeying to an industry-leading, comprehensive approach to high-quality, when it comes to software development, we have QA engineers working with us right from the starting of the process. It lets us find out and fix issues before they get time-consuming and expensive or destroy client experience. Our QA specialists have great experience in every key testing types like usability, functionality, integration testing, acceptance, and more.

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