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"Medical Software Development" refers to the process of creating mobile apps or online applications for use by both patients and healthcare professionals. These applications can be accessed via mobile devices or the internet. We provide medical software that enables you to engage with patients, make use of medical data analytics, and obtain access to the medical records of individual patients.

As a firm that has a prominent position in the bespoke healthcare software development market, we are proud to provide our clients with an extensive selection of Healthcare Software Development Services that are connected to the creation of healthcare software. These Services include various options for patient management, administrative dashboards, various options for patient information analysis, teleconferencing solutions, the creation of telehealth applications and telemedicine software, and remote patient monitoring systems.

Why Should You Pick Us?

Make use of our specialized Healthcare Software Development Services for the development of software for the healthcare industry in order to improve the outcomes for patients, provide remote care, and automate medical procedures.

Workflows in the Automated Clinical Environment

We work with healthcare organizations to automate a range of their activities by utilizing cutting-edge technology such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. Billing that is more intelligent, staffing that is more adaptable, and improved patient care using real-time data are just some of the tasks that we help automate.

Making smart choices

We work with healthcare providers to help them better understand their data and make decisions based on that data by assisting them in leveraging the promise of artificial intelligence and big data. The use of data analytics provides healthcare professionals with the ability to enhance the level of care they provide to patients as well as the productivity of their work processes, improving the overall quality of patient care.

Remote Patient Monitoring

We provide clearer communication between patients and their physicians while they are both present in the patient's home environment. It makes it possible for medical practitioners to maintain track of a patient's medical history, which can reduce the number of patients who need to be admitted to the hospital and make it possible to monitor more patients at once.

The Healthcare Software Development Services We Offer

Rushkar is a dependable technology partner that offers Healthcare Software Development Services including excellent healthcare software development and design. This allows Rushkar to facilitate the rapid and dependable production of complicated healthcare software.

Design and Development of Telemedicine Tailored Software

We plan to revolutionize the way in which patients and healthcare professionals communicate by providing Healthcare Software Development Services for the production of bespoke software for telemedicine and utilizing newly created technology. Our usage of Salesforce professional services encompasses a wide range of offerings, from advising to implementation to support, all with one goal in mind: to help our clients get the most out of Salesforce.

Rushkar offers comprehensive Salesforce professional services for businesses looking to enhance their sales, marketing, and customer support operations. This will be accomplished by utilizing the newly developed technology. Your telemedicine solution will be compliant with regulatory regulations such as HL7 and HIPAA if it is developed by our team of software hire dedicated developers that specialize in telemedicine.

Healthcare Software Development for Telemedicine Industry


The utilization of software for telemedicine makes it possible for medical professionals to conduct consultations from the comfort of their own homes or places of employment, while simultaneously boosting patient participation through the utilization of an uninterrupted video experience.

Enhanced Outcomes Regarding General Health

Patients are able to get more rest and don't have to worry about going from place to place because they can get their prescriptions and treatments instantly from the convenience of their own homes. This allows patients to have fewer interruptions in their sleep and reduces the stress that comes with making multiple trips.

Fewer cancellations at the last minute of the event

Because of the convenience of swift video visitation, there is less likelihood that a scheduled session will have to be rescheduled at the eleventh hour.

Several Different Software Options for Participants

We develop individualized software solutions for patient engagement in order to provide a closely interconnected and seamless experience, beginning with online patient registration and continuing through online visits, appointment managerial staff, post-visit feedback, and the maintenance of electronic health records. This all begins with the patient registering for an account online and continues through online visits, appointment managerial staff, and post-visit feedback (EHRs).

Key Advantages to Encourage Patient Engagement

Expanded Pool of Active Patients

You can help convert first-time customers into lifetime patients, expand your client base, and boost patient loyalty by providing a flawless customer experience.

Caregiver's Engagement Panel

Our software hire dedicated developers in the healthcare industry to construct an engagement panel or portal for caregivers, which enables healthcare practitioners to monitor patients' health schedules and prescriptions. By assisting healthcare practitioners in scheduling visits using a bespoke caregiver's engagement panel, we ensure that patients stick to their medicinal regimens.

Patient Cohort Management

We develop patient cohort management systems to stratify patients based on the risk characteristics they present, and we use population analytics to manage patient outreach activities and to encourage simple access. We give assistance to healthcare practitioners in the process of subgroup classification of the population using patient cohort management technologies.

Developing Applications for Mobile Health

Our firm specializes in the creation of mHealth applications and offers multi-functional solutions to enhance patient care as well as medical Healthcare Software Development Services. Rushkar's online portals, ecommerce websites, PIM and DAM solutions, and content management software are all built on the Pimcore platform, which is a data as well as experience management system. Our mHealth Application Development Services encompass the performance of health exchange of information applications, telemedicine apps, fitness monitoring apps, hospital administration apps and many more apps linked to the healthcare business.

Key advantages of Medical health Applications Development

Enables Remote Medical Monitoring

With Medical Health applications, clinicians may remotely monitor patients’ status via the data acquired via wearables, such as activity trackers, armbands and watches..

Enhances Communication Between Providers

The capacity to connect throughout the health system is improved by using mHealth technology, which also makes it possible for patients, doctors, and other hospital employees to interact with one another by utilizing encrypted texting and chatting video chats and access to mobile health records.

Enhances Physician Efficiency

mHealth applications can lessen the strain on physicians by offering them access to a patient's medical history with minimum mistakes. When doctors have access to the information on their patients, they are able to identify their conditions more rapidly and treat more people in a given day.

Internet of Things in the Healthcare Industry

We manufacture Internet of Things (IoT) healthcare equipment and create its associated Internet of Things (IoT) healthcare software using stringent healthcare security standards such as FDA, HL7, HIPAA, DICOM, and HITRUST, amongst others. These are only a few of the standards.

Software development for Internet of Things healthcare devices

Analysis of Health Information and Related Data

We create mobile applications that are able to collect data relating to health, analyze that data, and generate significant insights into clinical results. These applications are developed by us. It makes it possible for healthcare organizations to have access to healthcare data and to base their decisions on the information obtained from these statistics. We provide solutions for the purpose of inpatient monitoring that are capable of collecting data through the utilization of smart glucometers and blood pressure cuffs.

The Management of Disease

We develop programmes and software that collect data from trackers and other smart Internet of Things devices in order to monitor critical health indicators in real-time, recognise patterns, and provide artificial intelligence warnings about new health risks. We provide electronic prescriptions to help patients with chronic diseases better manage their symptoms.

Telecare Healthcare Software Development Services

In order to broaden the scope of medical treatment outside the four walls of a hospital, as well as to make it easier for patients and doctors to communicate with one another, our company develops complex telehealth solutions. Our Telehealth Healthcare Software Development Services consist of the development of HIPAA-compliant Alexa skills, which enable the transmission of health data in real time through voice interfaces, as well as the incorporation of Internet of Things sensors with telemedicine application software.

Personalized Electronic Health Record (EHR) Development

Our bespoke Electronic Medical Record and Electronic Health Record Software Design Services may aid in the enhancement of the quality of healthcare, the improvement of the effectiveness of medical personnel, the maximization of productivity, and the reduction of expenditures. The design of electronic medical record (EMR) applications and the integration of apps with EMRs are two examples of the Healthcare Software Development Services provided by this company.

Appointment Management

Patients and doctors are able to schedule, organize, and manage their visits, as well as set up reminder alerts, with the use of electronic health record (EHR) software.

That Which Is Integrated in Communication

It's possible that the software for the electronic health record (EHR) will come with a communication capacity that, in the case of a medical emergency, puts patients in direct touch with their treating physicians.

Services of Integration for Electronic Health Record Systems

Our Healthcare Software Design Team is able to integrate any third-party applications, such as medical billing providers, reporting apps, insurance apps, and document software solutions, with electronic health record (EHR) and electronic medical record (EMR) tools.

Healthcare Software Development Frequently Asked Questions

How exactly does the EHR software function?

When a medical practitioner makes use of EMR or EHR Software to add data about new patients to the database, digital medical files are generated. Electronic health record software stores the medical histories of patients and allows both medical professionals and patients to view such histories in real time.

What exactly is meant by the abbreviation "EHR" (Electronic Health Record)?

The information contained in patients' health records is not limited to patient health records alone; rather, it is also included in those records. It includes data from self-reported data, self-reported data from wearable devices, data from past medical history, as well as lab tests and doctor's prescriptions.

What exactly is meant by the term "Patient Engagement Software"?

A patient engagement programme is a piece of computer software that gives you the ability to do the following:

  • interact with individual patients
  • give instructional resources
  • Managing the relationship between the patient and the provider

What are the advantages of using software designed to engage patients?

The following is a list of some of the benefits of using patient engagement software:

    1. More Educated and Informed Choices

    Healthcare organizations are able to make educated judgments and conduct analyses of areas where improvements are necessary.

    2. An Expanded Number of Patients

    As a result of the seamless customer experience that can be provided by patient engagement software, your customer base can be expanded, patient loyalty can be maintained, and first-time visits can be turned into lifelong customers.

What Exactly Is Software Used in Telemedicine?

Utilizing the most recent technological advancements, software for telemedicine is created with the intention of delivering healthcare-related information as well as healthcare Healthcare Software Development Services. Patients are able to exchange health information with their clinicians in a seamless manner as well as converse with those providers through video, voice, or text chat.

Is It Safe to Use Software Solutions for Telemedicine?

Yes, the telemedicine software hire dedicated developers here at our company provide solutions for secured telemedicine software so that patients and medical professionals may communicate with one another and share information about their healthcare needs.

What exactly is a mobile health app?

An application known as a mHealth App is one that is provided to patients by a healthcare provider as a means of gaining access to a variety of Healthcare Software Development Services. These Services may include texting, booking appointments, making payments, etc.

What are the advantages of developing mobile health applications?

The following are some of the advantages of developing mHealth apps:

    1. Improved Compliance with Prescribed Medications

    With automatic medication as well as refill reminders, mHealth applications can help patients remember to take their medications on time, which not only lowers the risk of readmission but also improves patients' overall health.

    2.Permits the Monitoring of Patients Remotely

    With the assistance of data collected by wearable gadgets, medical professionals are able to monitor the state of their patients from a distance.