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The IT revolution, which began roughly 4-5 decades ago, has accelerated world growth tremendously. The majority of the tasks we undertake today are handled by software. Software development is necessary whether you wish to automate chores on a desktop, via a web app, or on a mobile phone. Being the top software developers in Alabama, Rushkar ensures our clients get the best software solutions. To complete the tasks at hand while simultaneously satisfying the clients, we hire dedicated developers.

Our Services

Being the best software development company in Alabama, we provide diverse services to our clients. These include services from software development to after sales technical support. We don't just design software; we also build relationships. Because of their trust in us, clients return to us after a long period of time.`

Some of our services as software development company are:

Software Development: We use a variety of platforms and languages to design and create software for our clients, including C#, Visual Basic, JAVA, PYTHON, Visual FoxPro, and others.

Web App Development: In addition to building desktop software, we also create and design Web Apps. We use several platforms, such as.NET or PHP, depending on the needs of our clients. Our programmers create MVC-based apps in any language the client desires.

Mobile App Development: When it comes to mobile app development, we don't leave any stone untouched. Our dedicated developers, Alabama, also create mobile apps for the client, which are not only trendy but also a lucrative way to make money. Our developers use diverse languages that suit the operating system the app is being developed for.

Game Development: Game development is one of the best places to put your money. Our programmers are skilled in creating a variety of games, including arcade games and life-like 3-D games that entice clients the moment they see them.

AR/VR Development: Clients these days prefer making use of AR/VR technologies that were previously used only in the gaming domain. However, Rushkar fulfills the wishes of its clients by making use of these technologies in their software too.

Latest Technologies: At Rushkar, we use the latest technologies to help the client get the best features in their software and apps.

Internet of Things: One of the latest technologies around, clients can take control of almost anything through the software. Switch off a fan or AC , open the doors from a faraway location or even set the room temperature of your living room while at the office.

Digital Marketing: Besides providing the best software to the clients, Rushkar ensures the clients do not have to make any extra efforts to promote their product. The Rushkar team using the best Digital Marketing and SEO techniques does this for its clients.

Technical Support: We ensure that our clients do not abandon us after getting the software developed. We provide technical support to the client whenever demanded. We have plans that help the client to extend his annual contract to avail of this facility.


When clients work with Rushkar they get the benefit of working with a company having 100% retention ratio and also a company that delivers the product on time. Hire developers Alabama to get these extraordinary benefits.

Less Time Taken: Rushkar provides its products within the promised time frame as it uses methodologies like Agile and Scrum to avoid the repetitive tasks.

Fixed Cost of Projects: Clients can choose a model for development according to their wallet and the agreed upon price remains the same if no extra features are added.

Tech Support: Rushkar provides tech support even after sales. The client has the option to extend the guarantee period also.

Dedicated Developers: Rushkar ensures its clients that they get a team of developers dedicated to the clients’ project only.

Transparency: All the processes related to the clients’ project are transparent to the client via a host of reports the client is entitled to receive.

Solutions we offer:

Rushkar offers diverse solutions to its clients that can range from finance to retail, education to entertainment and many others. Here are a few of them offered by

  • Fintech
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Real Estate
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Education
  • Logistics
  • Travel & Hospitality

Why choose us

There must be some reasons why firms resort to Rushkar when looking for solutions for their varied projects, with over 200 pleased clients behind us who have received exceptional service from Rushkar.

Transparency: At Rushkar, transparency is the keyword. The client is not kept in the dark about any process. The status of the apps, as well as any transactions that occur with the client, are sent to the client via correct reporting protocols.

Budget as per Client: Our programmers provide solutions at a specific price. The client is given a variety of models to pick from at the start of the project. The client picks a model that fits their budget and this remains the same throughout.

Satisfied Clients: We seek to put a smile on the client's face by reporting the app's status of offering the best features or support. Only a happy client can do that, and we ensure that by giving the best service possible, even if it means working overtime.

Inhouse Development: Rushkar has a number of dedicated teams at their disposal who are always willing to help. Our committed team of developers are industry professionals who have also been certified by the technology's respective vendors. As a result, the client can expect our developers to accomplish an excellent job.