Software Development Company San Antonio

The world has evolved dramatically as a result of information technology. The bulk of tasks we do are mostly automated. Rushkar was one of the first businesses to take advantage of this potential. Rushkar is known as the best software development company in San Antonio. We, at Rushkar hire dedicated developers who not only develop software for the clients but also have a relationship that lasts long.

Our services

As the best software development company in San Antonio, we at Rushkar , offer numerous services to our clients. These services range from software development to technical support and even to marketing the clients’ product. We don’t build software only; we build trust as well. It is this trust that brings the clients back to us.

  • Desktop Software Development

Needless to mention, our Rushkar developers are masters at developing any type of software the client requires. They can cover everything from healthcare to entertainment, education to finance, and whatever else the client needs.

  • Mobile Application Development

Rushkar works on a variety of software projects for a variety of platforms. Our mobile app developers at Rushkar use the newest technologies like Flutter, React, React Native, Swift, and Objective C to develop apps for iOS and Android.

  • Developing for the Web

The finest thing about Rushkar is its diversified teams, which are equipped to work on a variety of platforms, devices, and languages. Aside from mobile apps, the web is another means to reach a large user base. To provide a more effective hand, our developers employ PHP, .NET, REACT, MVC, ANGULAR JS, CSS, and Bootstrap in tandem.

  • Gaming Software

Gaming is no longer just for youngsters. Elders now play games, which necessitates a higher degree of UI and UX for the client. Today's games aren't just for fun; they're also supposed to be won, which adds a monetary element to the mix. Rushkar 's developers are capable of integrating numerous payment channels within the apps they create, allowing users to stay in the game at all times.

  • The AR/VR Experience

At Rushkar , our developers build AR/VR apps that give compelling user experiences and excite next-generation users by altering simple operations. Every customer needs to know that he will receive satisfaction (or value) for the money he pays. Our developers provide the client with such value by combining AR and VR capabilities. Whether it's sports, gaming, entertainment, or even a seemingly routine issue like finance, our developers employ AR/VR to make it entertaining.

  • Cloud Computing

Rushkar has always stayed ahead of its competitors by trying its hands on the latest technologies. With physical devices a thing of the past, Rushkar has moved its domain to the Cloud and even beyond it to the Fog. Being the best software development company, we provide our clients with solutions that will not only suite their wallet but also benefit them in terms of processing speed, and any time availability of resources.

  • The Buzzword ‘SEO’

Rushkar San Antonio does not stop once the software is developed. It goes a step ahead of others and even helps the client market the product by providing the best SEO services to the clients. Our SEO team and the development team work together to achieve this initiative.

  • Anytime Tech Support

Rushkar also provides tech support to the client after delivery as well. The client just needs to drop in a message and our technical team will be at their doorstep. We also have plans to help the client extend their Annual Maintenance Contract so we can serve them better.

  • AGILE Methodologies

Rushkar developers use Agile best practices like SCRUM, Lean Six Sigma etc. to avoid doing the same tasks again and again. This helps our developers in providing the client with the solution in the promised time frame.


Clients who partner with Rushkar get a host of benefits such as use of latest technologies, best practices, and developers always ready to service them.

  • Promised Time

As Rushkar developers employ Agile and Scrum approaches to prevent repetitive tasks, they are able to deliver the product on time.

  • No Hidden Costs Involved

For every client, Rushkar has a model as per their wallet. Also, there are no hidden costs involved in the development process.

  • Dedicated Developers

The client actually hires the Rushkar developers. The developers can communicate directly with the client and vice-versa to facilitate the better development of the project.

  • Transparency

All processes AT Rushkar that directly or indirectly concern the customer's project are visible to them through a number of reports. The client may even at times request reports as per his needs.

  • 24x7 Tech Support

Rushkar developers and their team are available 24x7 to the clients while the project is underway. Rushkar also provides after sales support.

Solution We Offer

The dedicated developers at Rushkar create solutions for the clients that fall into various categories. A few of those categories are

  • Finance
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Real Estate
  • Medicare
  • Retail
  • Education
  • Logistics
  • Travel & Hospitality

Why Choose us

Rushkar and its team of developers has the strength of 200+ satisfied clients to back them. There is not one but many reasons why they choose to partner with us. Here are a few

  • Transparency

The status of the apps, as well as any transactions with the client, are communicated to the client via proper reporting mechanisms.

  • Economic Development

At the outset of the project, the client is offered a range of models to choose from. The client selects a model that fits their budget and we stick to it throughout.

  • Satisfied Clients

By reporting the app's status as having the finest features or support, we try our best to satisfy the client. A satisfied client means more than a project. Only a satisfied client can help us grow.

  • Developers at Clients’ Disposal

Rushkar helps the clients by making the developers available at the clients’ disposal. Any additions or changes the clients require can be done in an instant.