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Give wings to your business with Software product development services with Rushkar Technologies

With our software product development solutions, we produce addicting products that give a wonderful client experience.

Product development is a chance to produce new products and leave an impression in the market. To create immersive software product experiences, our world-class engineering team follows a careful product design approach. The agile development technique is in our DNA, and it is what we use to carry out all of our Software Product Development Services. We adhere to a product development methodology that prioritizes the demands of the client above all other considerations.

Services we provide

We, as your Software Development Company India, provide some of the most important software product development services to our clientele. Some of these services include,

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We have also started our Mobile app development service in Michigan and Texas.

  • Web Development- By integrating Software Product Development Services and agile concepts, a lean startup methodology, and our decades of expertise, we promise quicker creation of scalable web apps that meet your business objectives. Our staff collaborates closely with you to guarantee that shifting priorities are managed smoothly by emphasizing openness and active communication. We allow very little opportunity for mismatches in expectations.

  • Timed delivery- Our work gets a structure with delivery within the time discussed.

  • Mobile Development- We specialize in creating native and hybrid bespoke mobile apps that serve as a link between your target audience and your business requirements. We take better care of all areas of the mobile app development process, from selecting the correct tech stack to architectural design and user flows, ensuring speedy delivery of improvements and a faultless end product.

  • MVP Development- You may now verify that new product concept with our MVP technology solutions before getting all-in on building it. Our team uses the minimal code / no-code strategy to swiftly create, iterate, and launch a market-ready MVP. It allows you to get vital feedback from genuine people. We transfer MVP learnings into the finished product and guarantee that your product is founded on facts rather than assumptions.

  • Personalized Software Development- As one of the best software product development companies, we create dependable, high-performance, and durable digital solutions tailored to your needs. From idea to execution, our team of analysts, IT advisors, architects, frontend & backend developers, and designers provides comprehensive services to meet your needs. Following deployment, our support and maintenance staff are available to you for improvements and performance optimizations.

  • Performance Engineering Services- Improve performance, enhance predictability, and get greater ROI via our end-to-end quality control services. You can be certain of top-notch code quality thanks to our well-defined procedures centered on rigorous code reviews, mechanical tests, and performance testing. To guarantee a safe and dependable delivery in production, we offer 100% proactive and ongoing test coverage and concentrate on establishing reusable test repositories.

  • Artificial Intelligence Software Development- Build clever goods and features to get a competitive edge. Our team provides powerful machine intelligence and predictive analytics services to assist you in realizing the full potential of your existing data. We assist you in designing and implementing a future-ready ai technology (AI) strategy by using deep subject understanding and innovation. Our knowledge of various AI services, from computer vision to natural language processing (NLP) to computer vision, may benefit any sector of any size.

Why choose us?

There is a plethora of reasons for choosing us as your Software Developers India. Some of these include:

  • Transparent communication and reporting- A regular status meeting with all team members should be arranged. Daily standups, weekly status sessions, bi-monthly steering committees, and any other meeting calendar important to the Fixed cost software project engagement should be planned by the team.
  • Risk management- During the creation of a software product, it is critical to spend time not just on code but also on strategy sessions and risk management. It allows us to be more than simply a merchant.
  • Cost-effectiveness- We pay for all recruiting costs. You will only be charged for the development. There is no billing for vacation or sick leave hours. Our customers see just productive hours on invoicing.
  • Various software items developed- We obtained substantial competence in the creation of software services over our eight years on the market.

Key features

We, as your Software Development Company India firm, build immersive digital solutions and offer better services to our customers by using strong business processes and technology. Our product development method is built with a shift-left mindset to eliminate possible issues early on in the lifecycle. With us, you can expect professional consulting, quick prototyping services, faster delivery, greater throughput, and improved accountability. This is why you must Hire Software Developers from us.

Product Development with a Human Focus

We use design as a tool to create educated, strategic product choices that put the client first. Our multi-platform expertise and humanized designs attempt to achieve a balance between corporate objectives and software delivery, which is driven by user behavior.

Architecture that evolves

We design Evolutionary Architectures with fitness functions that are designed to accommodate modifications and align themselves with architectural aims. Our experience in cloud-native microservices and open-source technologies provides scalable, event-driven, and self-healing systems.

DNA of Product Thinking

Our product-thinking DNA is carried by our engineers. While they do their responsibilities brilliantly, they always see the broader picture. Our project teams sympathize with the end user and try to satisfy the product's user objectives.

Mindset of DevOps

Our society promotes a "Shift-left" attitude. We not only invest in ongoing learning for our people, but we also shape them into DevOps thinkers. This means our developers follow coding best practices - providing high-quality, safe software, and utilizing automation wherever feasible to get towards "Everything as a Code."

Management of Lean Products

Our Metrics Driven Growth strategy for software delivery enables our design engineers to be more productive, spending more time coding and prioritizing value-based backlogs. This improves Technical Credit Counseling and helps teams to give regular demonstrations while also incorporating stakeholder comments.

Development Through Testing

Rushkar Technology incorporates test pyramids from the beginning of the project initiation. We guarantee that the provided code is clean and of high quality by combining development, test suite cases, and refactoring.

Compliant with DevSecOps

Our DevSecOps processes produce intrinsically secure code. Within the CI/CD pipelines, our developers use best practices such as SAST and SADT. Furthermore, we encourage project teams to do dependency tests, container scans, and digital signatures of artifacts.

Site Reliability Services

Site Reliability is a critical step in our development process. For incident response, we established Automated Monitoring, Recording, and Tracing processes. We also employ automatic status monitoring technologies to track service uptime and alert problems to end users.

Our model to help your business

We, as your Software Product Development Services provider, adopt an underlying software development philosophy that allows your solutions to provide great value to end consumers. To meet all of our customer's objectives, we use industry-standard software development approaches such as agile development, quick prototyping, and better industrial design thinking. We assure market success in any project we embark on by assigning a specialized team of IT and business specialists to our clients.

  • Analysis of Requirements- This phase includes all of the work that must be completed from our side before development can begin. Depending on your project needs, we determine critical goals and make educated judgments. Priorities are established, and appropriate limits are established.
  • Prototyping and Design- Concepts and mock-ups are created to aid in the definition of the inputs and tools necessary for product development. We create high-fidelity mock-ups and prototypes that correspond with the overall concept and complete the design of a sound system.
  • Deployment- During the development phase, developers construct various features in accordance with the release cycles and continue to improve the product. Depending on your strategy, you may or may not want to test the marketplace with a minimum viable product (MVP) comprising the main features.
  • Quality Control & Testing- For performance and quality assurance, many rounds of testing, including code changes, bug fixes, product testing, and so on, are performed. This phase tries to ensure the entire product's functionality, simplicity of use, and attractiveness.
  • Upkeep and Support- We offer post-launch monitoring and assistance once the product is released to the general public. We focus on introducing new features and enhancing current ones based on product use and client feedback to improve the product and user experience.

Software Product Development FAQs

Will the quality meet my expectations?

We adhere to conventional SDLC on all of our projects and monitor quality via internal audits. Ongoing recruitment and rotation of experts throughout software product development assist in maintaining a high level of involvement.

  • Engineering and management internal audits
  • Important supplementary practices
  • Effective on-boarding and off-boarding procedures

What distinguishes your software product development firm?

Most of our software product development people are senior and medium engineers. Thus, the product will be provided with the best quality and on schedule. We use tried-and-true risk-management strategies to avert project failure and any delays, so saving you time and money. Furthermore, our client satisfaction rating is way better than the competitors in the industry.

What happens after the program is delivered? Who is in charge of support and maintenance?

If you like, we may give you ongoing project assistance. Our customers often remain with us for decades, during which time we regularly supply innovative features & optimize the product.

Benefits of Software Development Product

  • Daily Communication / Track Progress
  • 3-8 Yrs Experienced App Developers
  • Free Dedicate Project Manager
  • Agile/Kanban Friendly Developers
  • Weekly App Freedom
  • Flexibility with Time Zones
  • We take care from Development to Final Release

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